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On the occasion of World Health Day, which is celebrated annually on April 7, the International Public Movement “STOP Fake Pandemic” believes that ensuring greater social equity means improving access to health services.

Controlled by the super-rich Satanists and their metastases by transnational corporations, the World Health Organization, the World Health Organization, is eating people under the guise of "Building a fairer and healthier world", while they themselves recognize the existing deep inequalities in the world, accompanied by a significant weakening and division of health systems through liberal reforms.

Globalism as a consequence of imperialism hinders the containment, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, various really dangerous diseases from which a significant part of the population dies. At the same time, he imposes compulsory vaccination against acute respiratory disease SARS-CoV-2, as part of clinical trials over humanity.

The concepts of monitoring disease prevention and monitoring disease have been deliberately replaced by sole monitoring of deaths. Under the pretext of caring for health, the meme “Today's problem is ensuring equal access to medical services” is declared. In fact, all of this is used to force vaccinations with experimental drugs called "vaccines", the effects of which are not known to science in the long term.

At the same time, a significant reduction in the number of doctors of all specialties, the elimination of tuberculosis and psychiatric dispensaries, the elimination of hospitals and paramedic centers are being carried out, which prevents the actual identification and treatment of dangerous diseases. Age groups of the population are limited in medical services. The common population is below the poverty line. All this serves as the basis for a long-term policy of genocide.

Covid-realism is replaced by enemies with the introduced concept-matrix “Covid-dissidence” to hide the truth and disguised reprisals against everyone who really cares about social justice.

And yet, to all these criminal acts there is a proper response - the existing association of many people in the massive international movement "Stop Fake Pandemic".

Together we are strong!

Best regards, Sergey Mikiten
founder of the International Public Movement "STOP Fake Pandemic"

The quarantine terror swept the whole world without exception !

Now in many countries of the world there are protests against the establishment of a new world order !

Давайте вместе остановим это беззаконие со стороны тех чиновников, которые с помощью антиконституционных карантинных мер проводят над людьми эксперименты, дрессируют людей, заставляют нас носить маски и соблюдать дистанцию, т.е. совершать бессмысленные и даже вредоносные для собственного здоровья действия, эффективность которых не подтверждена научными исследованиями ❗️
 Чиновники из Кабинета Министров Украины и МОЗ своими абсурдными карантинными мерами грубо нарушают права человека, нарушают Конституцию Украины, разрушают экономику страны, рисуют фейковую статистику заболевания, осуществляют информационный террор, фашистскими методами делят страну на "зоны", закрывают спортивные, культурные, учебные и другие заведения ❗️
❗️ В Верховной Раде зарегистрирован законопроект № 4142, в котором фактически идет речь о принудительной обязательной вакцинации, так как предлагается запретить работать и учиться непривившимся.
✔️ Мы ЗА Украину без карантина! ЗА жизнь без масок! ЗА сохранение очной формы обучения! ЗА сохранение малого и среднего бизнеса! ЗА свободный выбор без обязательного медицинского вмешательства!

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