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А вы знали, что глава ВОЗ Гебрейесус до сих пор не вакцинировался? Ну вот теперь знаете.

💫 Ukraine, Kyiv is rising up!💫
📅 Saturday 22nd January, 12 PM
🏢 Sofia Square

Our friends and colleagues sent from Germany a memory of the world protest on August 1, 2021 in Berlin. We present to you the issue of the summer issue of the newspaper 'DEMOKRATISCHER WIDERSTAND' with the materials of the action in which our activists of Stop Fake Pandemic took part

Air on DNA about the 'Ze case' Court decision, notification and excerpt from ERDR (The registry of pre-judicial investigations of Ukraine) about the opening of the case and about the Consolidated initiative group 'Vilny people. Free people. Free people '.

Текущая заболеваемость от С19 в Португалии находится на тех же уровнях, что и в прошлом году: около 1% населения (примерно 100 тыс. активных случаев), при этом в 2020 году было 0% вакцинированных, а сейчас 88% населения с двумя дозами, из которых 26% - с тремя.

У девушки отказали ноги после вакцинации. Видео в продолжении: 

Saturday, 18 December 2021 13:26

Was it funny? In Sweden, implant COVID chips

In Sweden, they began to implant chips into the palm of everyone's hand or, if desired, into the hand or forearm for quick identification of vaccinations, the so-called 'green passport'

Thursday, 16 December 2021 11:51

KGB of Ukraine released Serhiy Mykyten

It was possible to defend the rights of Sergei Mikiten. He was released a day later, but his mobile phone was seized. Sergey has no other phone. There are also no funds for the purchase of a new one. The administration of the site asks non-violent people to help Sergey buy a new phone.Soon Sergey will personally report everything that happened to him.

We managed to find Sergey Mikiten. He is in custody at the Ukrainian KGB. He did not receive any summons. During the arrest, he was not allowed to tell anyone. So it was a kidnapping. So our state has confirmed that human rights are being destroyed in our country. And the bodies that are supposed to protect our rights are trampling on them. As it is called - you understand.

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