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Saturday, 18 December 2021 15:26

Was it funny? In Sweden, implant COVID chips

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In Sweden, they began to implant chips into the palm of everyone's hand or, if desired, into the hand or forearm for quick identification of vaccinations, the so-called 'green passport'

biohax microchipSuch services in the country are provided by a company called Epicenter (a funny allegory for Ukrainians). This company specializes in microchips the size of a grain of rice.The company emphasizes that microchips can store not only COVID passports, but also much more.

Epicenter claims that its technology can significantly improve the world as everything that is stored and used in the phone is subject to energy dependence and if the battery runs out, then the person will not be able to confirm his vaccination and will not be able to make payments that their chip is capable of.

Stephen Northam, director of British engineering firm BioTeq, which specializes in human implants, said England is already offering chips based on NFC or RFID technology. And that in 10-15 years everyone will have a chip and that will be the norm.


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